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Real Name: Brian Adams
Alias: "Crush"
 The arrival of Bryan Adams in the New World Order marked yet another top talent to the organization, for he is a man with a relatively short but colorful career in the wrestling business thus far...the man now known to wrestling fans as Bryan Adams is most noted to date for his past accomplishments in the World Wrestling Federation, and under the name of "Crush", Adams has undergone many different personas which have left fans wondering who this man really is...first surfaced in the WWF as the third member of Demolition with Ax (Bill Eadie) and Smash (Barry Darsow), and joined the team due to Ax's health problems...often defended the team's WWF World Tag Team Title during Demolition's third title reign with Smash, though Crush never won the belt as part of the team...later replaced Ax completely after Ax retired due to age and injuries, though unfortunately, the team never enjoyed the same level of popularity after that...Crush and Smash lost the WWF tag titles to the Hart Foundation on 8/27/90 in Philadelphia, PA...the duo never managed to regain the titles in rematches...feuded with the Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) upon the LOD's entrance in the WWF, and the duo soundly defeated Demolition in several matches across the country...Demolition had often been called an imitation of the Road Warriors and the team split up shortly after the Demolition/LOD feud ended...Crush later resurfaced in the WWF with a different gimmick though he kept the same name...Crush's new gimmick was that of a superhero-type character, who as a kid dreamed of being big and strong so that he could "crush" the bad guys...announced as being from Kona, Hawaii, Crush wore a brightly colored costume and actually squeezed the heads of his opponents into submission as his signature move...the gimmick failed to go over with the fans and Crush soon turned heel, though that didn't work either...Crush soon left the WWF and disappeared from the wrestling scene for quite some is after this departure from wrestling that Bryan Adams seemingly went on a downslide...was reportedly arrested on drug possession charges and was jailed...this fact was interestingly incorporated into his new gimmick upon his return to the WWF in 1996...was brought in as a shady, renegade-type outlaw character under the guidance of Clarence Mason, and later joined the Nation of Domination along with Mason since he lacked a significant the time, the NOD was an assemblance of WWF rejects who couldn't get over with the fans on their own...NOD leader Farooq kicked Crush out of the group along with Mason and Savio Vega when the group was retooled to include only African-Americans...angry over his dismissal, Crush formed a new team called the Disciples of Apocalypse with three new wrestlers to the WWF, Skull, 8-Ball and Chainz...upon the team's debut the three often rode motorcycles to the ring, and the DOA feuded with the new Nation of Domination in addition to Savio Vega's new team, Los Bariquas...this three-team feud was controversial at the time because of its racial overtones; since an all-white team (DOA), an all-black team (NOD), and an all-Hispanic team (Bariquas) were all against each other...unfortunately, Crush and his new team did not accomplish much at all in the WWF beyond this feud...Bryan Adams finally left the his Crush character behind in early 1997 after the WWF's Survivor Series, reportedly because of the controversy regarding Vince McMahon and Bret Hart which led to Hart's departure. Adams, outraged at McMahon for his actions against Hart, was one of the few men who actually left the WWF in protest, leaving the DOA to carry on without him...Bryan Adams signed with World Championship Wrestling and appeared on WCW Monday Nitro on 2/16/98, and walked to ringside during an interview with Bret Hart...Adams said "you have a friend in this business" and offered to shake Hart's hand after offering him assistance against the New World Order, and as Hart looked to the crowd to shake his hand Adams attacked him, taking off his jacket to reveal an NWO t-shirt...the rest of the NWO then ran to ringside to attack Hart...Hart would get his revenge however, as he defeated Adams two weeks later on Nitro (the match marked the Nitro wrestling debuts of both men)...despite the loss, Adams' addition to the NWO is a significant one, since his size, talent and experience will certainly prove to be valuable assets to the organization. 

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