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Buff Bagwell

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell
4-time World Tag Team Champion
Finisher: Buff Blockbuster

Buff Bagwell, wrestling in WCW since 1992, has had more than one career makeover. A 4-time WCW Tag Team Champion with three different partners, Bagwell rised to a relative level of success first as the handsome rookie, then as a baby-faced American, and recently as a Loverboy-style sex symbol. But Marcus Bagwell could never break into the high profile matches that his talent merited. All that changed, however, when Bagwell -- responding to Eric Bischoff's demand for all WCW wrestlers to sign with the NWO -- turned on his then-tag team partner, Scotty Riggs, and joined the black-and-white familia, taking on his moniker of 'Buff' in the process.

Since joining the NWO, Bagwell has not only signed matches against WCW superstars like Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger, but was instrumental in one of the NWO's finest triumphs, the destruction of The Four Horsemen at 1997's Fall Brawl Pay-Per-View. Bagwell currently tags with fellow NWOer, Scott Norton as the NWO's team of "Vicious and Delicious."

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