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Eric "Easy-E" Bischoff

Eric Bischoff
NWO Executive Vice-President

He made TNT's Monday Nitro numero uno.

Former WCW Vice-president Eric Bischoff was riding an amazing wave of success when an uninvited Scott Hall barreled his way onto the scene. At first, Bischoff thought the NWO would be the downfall of his grappling empire. But when ratings rocketed instead of plummetting, his outlook changed. Hollywood Hogan's change of heart and a powerbomb from Kevin Nash helped convince the WCW impresario that the black-and-white express was the future of the sport.

Bischoff went to work behind the scenes, helping the NWO secretly while pretending to be against them. Bischoff's days as a mole expired when Roddy Piper exposed him on Nitro.

Since coming out openly in favor of the NWO, Bischoff continues to use his savvy and connections to insure the biggest draws in wrestling stay on top while he uses his pull in the industry to further the NWO's interests. Long live the king, baby.

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