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Scott Hall
Finisher: Outsider's Edge

The man who heralded the revolution, Scott Hall's 1996 appearance on Monday Nitro changed the face of wrestling forever. After years of dealing with professional wrestling's notorious favoritism and bureaucracy, the self-proclaimed "Outsider" told fans and administrators that he would no longer play by anybody's rules. Hall, joined by his best friend, Kevin Nash, overwhelmed the WCW with their candid commentary, brute strength and guerilla tactics. At the same time, their tongue-in-cheek approach to the sport combined with their no-nonsense attitude immediately made them a hit with smart wrestling fans worldwide. After Hollywood Hogan went public with his alliance with the Outsiders, the three formed the New World Order, creating the greatest force in wrestling's history.

Mainly a singles wrestler throughout his career, Hall demonstrated his wrestling superiority by teaming with Nash to capture the WCW Tag Team belts mere weeks after invading the league. Hall, Nash, and former Cruiserweight Champ Syxx also refer to themselves as "The Wolfpack."

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