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The talented and experienced Konan, recently dubbed "K-Dogg" by the NWO, is yet another powerful addition to the New World Order... Konan is one of the best Mexican wrestlers in WCW and has held several titles throughout his career...Konan has competed in Mexico's AAA wrestling organization and is the head of the Promo Aztecas promotion, featuring several WCW wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio Jr., Juventud Guerrera, La Parka and others...competed in WCW years ago as a masked fan favorite, and re-entered WCW last year on a Monday Nitro broadcast as the reigning Mexican Heavyweight Champion to little fan reaction...after an unsuccessful tenure as a babyface, Konan turned heel and began using a new gimmick similar to that of a stereotypical Mexican gang member... soonafter, Konan joined Kevin Sullivan's Dungeon of Doom...began using "street language" and often would convert to Spanish dialect in his interviews...after a few minor feuds, Konan began teaming with fellow DOD member Hugh Morrus...although the two were an impressive team, they were overshadowed by growing problems within the Dungeon... in an April interview with WCW, Konan confirmed disunity within the Dungeon of Doom and surprisingly showed admiration for the New World Order, saying "The only wrestlers I think, beside us in the Dungeon, who are cool are The Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash...I don't think you can just jump in (to the NWO). I think you have to be invited in. That's an exclusive club...hey, I'd be honored to be a part of it, but if I'm not, I still respect them"...soon after this interview Konan and Morrus split up and Konan left the Dungeon of Doom...Konan also teamed with Kevin Nash several times in house show matches as the substitute for Scott Hall who had taken a leave of absence, and during those matches Konan was noted for wearing an Outsiders the DOD continued to dissolve, Konan feuded with Morrus and accused Kevin Sullivan of holding him back... just one day after Chris Benoit defeated Sullivan in a career match at Bash at the Beach, Konan officially joined the NWO on the 7/14/97 edition of Monday fact, he was introduced into the NWO by the two men whom he said he respected, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash... both men introduced Konan as "K-Dogg", which will be his nickname within the New World Konan is one of the most respected Mexican wrestlers in the business, his addition to the NWO has greatly broadened the international scope of the organization... no matter what name you call him, Konan or K-Dogg will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with, as he now has the powerful backing of the Wolfpack and the New World Order. 

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