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 Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth is the longtime former manager of the "Macho Man" Randy Savage, and has managed Savage for the greater part of his career, mostly in the WWF...Elizabeth made her first appearance in WCW as part of the entourage of Randy Savage, though many were puzzled since it was well-known that the two were divorced...Elizabeth  would betray Savage, however, by turning against him and aiding Ric Flair and the Four fans recall, it was Flair who claimed he had an affair with Elizabeth while Flair, Savage and Elizabeth were in the WWF...Elizabeth's betrayal of Savage for the Four Horsemen would mark the first time in Elizabeth's career that she publicly turned against Savage  and took on a heel character ...unfortunately, Elizabeth did not excel in the role... Elizabeth appeared with the other female Horsemen members, Woman and Deborah McMichael, and notably had the least provocative role of the three... she claimed she was against Savage all along, and began throwing away the money she got from him after their divorce just to humiliate him...suddenly, Elizabeth left the Horsemen for the nWo after it was claimed that the nWo bought out her contract...Elizabeth began appearing with "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, the only other man she had managed besides Randy Savage during her career...however, Elizabeth began appearing greatly unhappy, and was reluctant to denounce Savage any longer...Elizabeth made a video which was shown to Savage on a Monday Nitro broadcast, in which she claimed she was still in love with him...the video caused Savage to be visibly was rumored that the two would reunite at the 1996 Halloween Havoc pay-per-view, as Savage would face Hogan for the WCW title...however, the reunion did not happen, and Savage left WCW after he failed to defeat Hogan for the belt...With Savage nowhere to be found, Elizabeth still remained with Hogan and the nWo, though she was not allowed to speak...after some time, Savage would shock the wrestling world by returning to WCW and soonafter joining the nWo...a smiling Elizabeth finally reunited with Savage on a February Monday Nitro broadcast, as a "present" for the new nWo member...Elizabeth seems to have found her comfort zone once again at Savage's side, as she seems to have found a refreshing new heel role. I will always have a special place in my heart for Miss Elizabeth. She has a rare combination of elegance, beauty, and charm that no other woman in the WCW or the WWF can claim and wrestling fans as well as myself will tell you that Miss Elizabeth has a certain something that makes her simply irresistable. 

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