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Louie Spicolli

Real Name: Louis Mucciolo
Aliases: Rad Radford, Madonnaís Boyfriend
 Although never an official member of the nWo, Louie Spicolliís brief association with the group will always be remembered since this angle took him to the verge of major stardom in World Championship Wrestling...unfortunately, Spicolliís sudden death ended his trek towards the superstardom heíd strived to attain for so long...Spiccoli (real name Louis Mucciolo) made his wrestling debut in 1989, and after a long period of jobbing to big-name wrestlers he soon managed to come into his "Madonna's Boyfriend," Spicolli gained early notoriety while working for AAA in Mexico...later in the World Wrestling Federation, Spicolli gained national exposure using the "Rad Radford" gimmick, which was a grunge-type character. However, after a mid-card angle which had Radford striving to be a part of the "Bodydonnas" team (comprised of Skip and Sunny), Spicolli left the organization after failing to go over with the fans...joined Paul Heymanís Extreme Championship Wrestling, and a feud with Tommy Dreamer grabbed Spicolli some attention once again...signed with World Championship Wrestling during a period where several ECW stars were signed by WCW head Eric Bischoff...after a few months of again performing jobs as a mid-carder, Spicolli became involved with the New World Order as Scott Hall's "flunky"...striving to be a member of the nWo, Spicolli had just begun a feud with Hallís nemesis Larry Zbysko before his death, and was even slated to face Zbysko at the February 1998 Superbrawl VIII pay-per-view...also prior to his death Spicolli had engaged in a new career as a broadcaster, and had received rave reviews from a few appearances as a color commentator on Nitro and Thunder...this new role seemed to hold promise for Spicolli, despite a joking reference to the Oklahoma City bombing which had briefly stirred up controversy...however, fans would never see Spicolliís full potential as his life would be snuffed out before it had really began...Spiccoli was found dead in his California apartment on February 15, 1998, at the age of 27. The exact cause of Spicolliís death is still uncertain, but it is currently being blamed on a drug known as Soma Comp (Soma Compound with Codine) and a possible mixture with alcohol...the news of Spicolliís sudden death shocked fans and the industry alike, but somewhat surprisingly, the news was dealt with somewhat unprofessionally by WCW...though a picture was shown of Spicolli at the beginning of Monday Nitro the day following his death, Spicolli was hardly mentioned at all during the broadcast aside from a distasteful comment from Larry Zbysko, who stated "I will hold my comments with respect to his family...just drop it" when asked what he thought of Spicolli on the air...though he was never a major superstar in professional wrestling and perhaps may never had become one, Louie Spicolli will be remembered as a young talent whose life was needlessly extinguished, and whose potential was never fully realized. Thus, he is remembered here as part of this honorary nWo Hall of Fame, not because of his accomplishments, but because of what could have been

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