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Curt Hennig
Former U.S. Heavyweight Champion
Finisher: Fisherman's Suplex
He was WCW's most infamous un-free agent. Secretly a member of the NWO, Hennig proved his loyalty to the NWO by working his way into the 4 Horsemen and destroying it from the inside. After stringing the WCW group on for months, Hennig finally agreed to take Arn Anderson's place as the Horsemen Enforcer during an emotional interview segment on Nitro. This prompted interim commissioner Roddy Piper to choose the Horsemen to fight the NWO at War Games '97. Hennig and Flair had fought together before, but this 8-man cage match would have marked their first team effort as Horsemen, and seemed to signal a rebirth for WCW's oldest stable. During the main event, Hennig entered the cage last, but then showed his true colors as black and white. With the help of his NWO comrades, Hennig turned on his fellow Horsemen, handcuffing Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael to the cage. He then almost decapitated Flair by slamming the Horsemen leader's head with the heavy cage door. With Flair rushed to the hospital, Arn Anderson in retirement, and Benoit and McMichael chained to the cage, the Horsemen were no more. A few days later, Hennig added a final nail to the extinct group's coffin, pinning McMichael to take the U.S. Championship belt for the NWO. 

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