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W.C.W., n.W.o. News/Rumours (10/11/98)

Well, Mr. Hart, what's next? Maybe a feud with the Horsemen, along with the Wolfpack, but you never can tell with this guy.

Degeneration X, W.W.F. News/Rumours (10/11/98)

Well What the hell is going on with DX?!! X-Pac loses the gold To D-Lo, The Outlaws are feuding, and HHH is stripped of the IC Belt! If X-Pac is in the battle royal this Monday, look for him to get his long-awaited push. As far as the Outlaws are concerned, I wouldn't be too worried. A house show report stated that X-Pac was jumped by the Nation, and all of DX came out to save him, including Road Dog Jesse James, and Bad Ass Billy Gunn.

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