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Scott "Flash" Norton

Scott "Flash" Norton
Former World Arm Wrestling Champion
Finisher: Shoulderbreaker

When Scott Norton dominated the World Arm Wrestling circuit, he acquired the name "Flash" for his uncanny and explosive power. But the 350 plus pounder found that an athlete needed more than power to compete with the politics and favoritism of World Championship Wrestling. A main event attraction in Japan, Norton couldn't find his niche in the States. Despite wowing fans with unmatched displays of force, he seemed relegated to mid-card matches and a talented, but too-friendly tag partner, Ice Train. A few weeks before Eric Bischoff demanded that all WCW wrestlers sign with the NWO, a frustrated Norton attacked Ice Train for his lack of agression and found himself without neither partner, a manager, nor much of a future. The chance to join wrestling's elite -- a brotherhood of men who believed in winning at all costs -- couldn't have come at a better time. Norton started his tenure with the NWO by lending his strength to group attacks and helping establish the group's presence in Japan. His loyalty has paid off with matches against the Giant and, along with partner Buff Bagwell, in high-profile tag bouts against the Steiners and Harlem Heat.

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