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Posted by Head on November 02, 1998 at 23:37:58:

WWF RAW IS WAR Report 11/2

Show opens with scenes from last Monday Night's RAW IS WAR and last night's Sunday
Night Heat, featuring the McMahon family saga.

Shane McMahon is announced right away and came down to the ring to a huge POP. He
then announced that his father was not there and that he is the acting commissioner. He
then said that Stone Cold Steve Austin will face the winner of Survivor Series at the following
night's RAW. Austin then came out to another big POP. While making his way to the ring,
Vince McMahon was shown pulling up in a limo and hustles to the ring with his goons
pushing his wheel chair. McMahon said that his retiring was BS and wishful thinking. The
crowd then started in on " " chant. Austin then said, "Once again you've got about
20,000 people calling you an ." Vince McMahon said that Stone Cold and Shane
would like it if he retired, but the only way that would happen is if he died. He also said that
he didn't want anyone to come to his funeral and that when he dies, he wants to go straight
to hell, which is where he has been the last couple of weeks, a living hell at least, thanks to
Shane and Stone Cold. The crowd once again started in on the chant. Vince McMahon then
said that he was relieving Shane of his current WWF duties. He then said that if he wants to
stay on with the federation, he'd have to be a ref. He then said that Shane was a lot like his
mother. The owner also said that he can't do anything about his contract, but his title shot
won't be the night after Survivor Series, but at Survivor Series itself. His opening round match
will be the Big Boss Man. He then went on to say that he hears the chant and for the record,
he said, "I'm no , ' all you," referring to the crowd.

A clip from during the break was shown. Vince McMahon was chewing out the announcers
with Big Boss Man looking on. He then said that in the steel cage, someone would face hard
time tonight.

New Age Outlaws and X-Pac vs The Brood, in a six-man tag match. The crowd got really
going with the whole DX thing. Edge and X-Pac started things off. X-Pac took control early.
However, Christian soon came in and started to take control, until the Road Dogg came in.
There was soon a brawl for all. Then the lights went out and Kane's music began to play as
he made his way to the ring. Kane cleaned house with chokeslams all around. Quickly
come, quickly. The match was a no contest.

Michael Cole was shown in an interview with the Big Boss Man and McMahon and the Boss
Man strangled Cole.

Droz vs Hawk. Hawk came down the ring entrance way looking drunk. Please don't start a
Scott Hall angle. Droz started quickly on Hawk. It was really no contest due to the fact that
Hawk was drunk. Animal then came into the ring and stopped Droz. Animal then barked at
Hawk and left with Droz.

McMahon and the Boss Man then grabbed Jim Cornet and yelled at him while pushing him
up against a wall in the back.

Cole with Al Snow and Mankind. Foley called Snow a fruit loop and went on his Socko act.

Kurrigan and Golga (w/ Luna and the Giant Silva) vs Mankind and Al Snow (w/ Head). Snow
and Mankind got the upper hand early. However, the Oddities soon regained control. There
was a near fall on Foley, but Snow made the save. Mankind then went crazy trying to find
Socko, who was lost. He then went to the back, leaving Snow all alone in the ring. He put up
quite a fight, but was eventually defeated after a choke slam from Kurrigan and Golga's
running squat.

Shaquille O ' Neil was then show in the back with WWF crew members and wrestlers. Vince
McMahon, came up and asked him if he had a backstage pass. He replied, "I'm Shaquille O '
Neil, I don't need a pass." Boss Man shoved him and then the two left. The basketball star
called him a while his back was turned.

Mankind was shown in the back in a frenzy trying to find Socko.

Stephen Regal came out and once again challenged anyone in the back to come out and
wrestle him. Goldust then came out to a big POP and Regal's jaw dropped. Goldust
dominated the early parts of the match. Terri Runnels then came down to the ring with a cigar
in a Marlena outfit. Meanwhile, Regal was making a come back and was in control of the
match. However, Goldust soon regained control of the match, but as soon as he had Regal
positioned on the ropes for a kick to the nuts, Kane once again came out and choke
slammed the two. He was about to choke slam Terri Runnels and actually had her up in the
air, but was stopped by numerous WWF officials, who later got choke slammed as well.

Vince McMahon and the Boss Man were shown in the back with Mankind. McMahon told
Mankind that if he promised not to interfere with the Shamrock vs The Rock match, he'd get a
present. Foley agreed and was presented with the WWF Championship Belt, which
was little more than a piece of trash. McMahon then said, "In some respects he lost a son
tonight, but in others, he's gained one." Mankind called him dad on the way out.

Ken Shamrock vs The Rock for the Intercontinental Title. A clip was shown of Shamrock and
Vinnie Mac talking before the match, but McMahon told the camera man to leave, so what
was said could not be established. McMahon and his goons then came down and said that
since he has a problem with the people, he has a problem with the People's Champion. He
also said that if the Rock doesn't win, he won't be going to Survivor Series and will no longer
be the number one contender. Shamrock took control of the match in the early going and
was totally dominating The Rock. The two battled on the outside for a long while, but still, it
was Shamrock's match. After a brief stint of offense, the Rock got put in the ankle lock by
Shamrock. However, though the move was applied in the middle of the ring, Rock got to the
ropes. Near falls for both men then were common. The ref got hit with a clothesline on
accident by the Rock, and was knocked out. Shamrock then grabbed a chair, but the Rock
gained control and hit him with the People's Elbow. However, Shamrock got caught hitting
him with a chair and the match was awarded to the Rock. Though Maivia won, McMahon said
that do to the fact that he didn't win the title, he was no longer the number one contender and
was now the "People's Chump."

The Rock was shown in the back, after the break, in a rage looking for McMahon.

Val Venis vs Jeff Jarrett (w/ Deborah McMichael) in a return match from the previous night's
HEAT. JJ dominated the match early. However, The Big Valbowski soon regained control.
Just as he was climbing the top rope, the Blue Blazer came out and knocked Venis while on
the top rope. Venis won the match via DQ.

While cutting to break, the police pulled up and were seen entering the arena.

While coming back from the break, McMahon was shown briefing the police, saying that the
Rock was threatening his life. He said that he wanted him arrested.

The Headbangers vs D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry. The Headbangers came out and did a
pretty funny parody on the New Age Outlaws. They totally trashed DX. The remaining Nation
members took control of the match early. Thrasher apparently injured his leg, as he was
hobbling around the mat, trying to wrestle. Brown and Henry continued the domination with
great tag work. Just as the Headbangers were gaining control, the lights went out and Kane
once again came out and cleaned house, even putting D'Lo and Mosh in a double choke

The Rock was shown in the locker room being arrested and pleading with the cops not to
arrest him. After the break, he was shown putting up a great fight with police and yelling at
Vince McMahon.

Owen Hart came out to the ring and once again appologized for what he did to Dan Severn.
He said that he did the honorable thing by retiring. Severn then came out, walking under his
own power. Severn asked, "Who are you kidding by running around in the Blue Blazer outfit?"
Severn called Hart a piece of trash and then Hart nailed him. Steve Blackman then ran down
to the ring and chased Hart away. While walking away, Hart could be heard yelling, "I'm
retired now! Stay out of my damn business!"

Severn was shown being hurried to an ambulance accompanied by Blackman. Hart then
jumped Blackman and then the Blue Blazer came out and the two doubled teamed on him.

After the cage was lowered, McMahon and his goons came out yet again. He said that it was
time to find out who was going to pay hard time. He was then wheeled to over by the
announcer's table. Next, he instructed his goons to examine the steel cage. They did and
Boss Man locked the door at Vince's request. McMahon then instructed him to beat the crap
out of his goons, saying, "All I asked for was a cup of coffee." Boss Man then beat up all
three of them with a baton. McMahon said that when they vow allegience to him, the beating
would stop. After instructing Boss Man to take their clothes off, Austin stormed the ring and
climbed the cage and was kicking some ass on Boss Man, until Patterson wacked him with
the night stick. Shane McMahon then entered the cage and had a stare down with Boss
Man. He then flicked off his father as the Undertaker's music began to play. The Phenom
then came down to ringside with Paul Bearer, entered the ring and assaulted Austin.
However, Austin was able to fight back a little, but he was worn from the night stick. The
lights once again went out as Kane's music began to play and he made his way to the ring.
He then set the cage on fire as Austin and Kane pounded on the Undertaker as the show left
the air.

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