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Hogan Retirement Official

Yes fans, the day most of us thought would never come has, Terry Bolea, better known as Hollywood "Hulk" Hogan, made his retirement official on Thanksgiving Night 1998, on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

After being introduced to his " Child" Theme Music by Jay Leno, the two exchanged hand shakes, and palled around for a bit, joking about their match at WCW's Road Wild Pay-Per View this Past August. Eventually though, Hogan did announce he would retire from wrestling, and legitimately pursue the office of President of the United States. Although he did not declare himself to any particular party, he says he would like to implement a "flat tax" program if elected, and gave an UNOFFICIAL figure of 15%, but said not to hold him to it.

Yes, he will get in the ring one last time, he says he owes it to all his fans. Personally, I wish him the best of luck, as he is the reason most of us stayed watching the WWF all through the 1980's.

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