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Dennis Rodman

Real Name: Dennis Rodman
Height/Weight: 6'8", 220
Nicknames: "The Worm," "The Real Hot Rod," "Big Bad Dirty Dog," "Rod the Bod"
Dennis Rodman is possibly the most high-profile athlete to participate in the sport of professional wrestling since Muhammad Ali... Rodman is the NBA's league-leading rebounder, and has won four NBA titles (two with Detroit and two with Chicago)... signed a short-term contract with WCW in early March of 1997 and joined the NWO, since Rodman is friends with NWO leader "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan outside of wrestling was Hogan who influenced Rodman to try his hand at wrestling in WCW, though it is widely believed that Rodman was courted first by the WWF... prior to his signing, Rodman had earlier ties to Hogan and WCW, and he appeared with Hogan at the 1995 Bash at the Beach pay-per-view when Hogan faced Ric Flair...Rodman officially joined the NWO on the 3/10/97 Monday Nitro, where in a taped segment, he accepted an NWO shirt from Hogan...Rodman later joined Hogan and his other fellow NWO members at WCW Uncensored, where he spray-painted the back of Lex Luger after the NWO team won the main event...since Rodman could not participate in wrestling events due to his NBA committments, Rodman did not appear with the nWo after Uncensored until the NBA season ended...resurfaced on the 6/16/97 Monday Nitro in Chicago just one day after the Bulls won the NBA title, and aided Hogan and several NWO members in attacking Luger and the Giant...teamed with Hollywood Hogan for his first ever wrestling match at Bash at the Beach '97, which marked the first anniversary of the New World Order...though Rodman and Hogan lost to Luger and the Giant in the main event, Rodman's participation created a flood of mainstream publicity for World Championship Wrestling...besides a brief appearance at the end of the Road Wild pay-per-view, Rodman has not appeared on any other WCW broadcasts following the Bash at the Beach, though he is rumored to have at least one more contractual wrestling appearance with WCW...whether Rodman will decide to remain in wrestling after his signed commitments have been fulfilled is still unknown, but it is clear that Rodman's presence has given World Championship Wrestling a great deal of newfound mainstream publicity...this publicity, after all, is possibly the greatest reason why Rodman was signed in the first place. 

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