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News For Feb. 16-20


Louie Spicolli was found dead at his apartment on Sunday at the age of 27.

The news, from Dave Meltzer, comes as a shock at a time when Spicolli was finally getting some airtime in WCW.  According to Meltzer, Spicolli was found early on Sunday and police are investigating the death as an apparent drug related death.

More on the Louie Spicolli death, apparently he died in San Diego(which is where I am). He was with some friends and they saw him drinking heavily and taking some pills. When they found him, he was covered in his own vomit. The cause of death was either a direct reaction to the alchohol/pill mixing or him choking on his own vomit

Spicolli debuted in 1989, and gained early notoriety as "Madonna's Boyfriend" while working for AAA.  He gained national exposure as Rad Radford in the WWF as part of the Bodydonna team.  After a stint with ECW, he arrived in WCW several months ago.  In recent weeks, Spicolli had been involved in the NWO angle in WCW as Scott Hall's "flunky". 

Spicolli received rave reviews after appearing as a commentator on NITRO last week, but stumbled in a repeat performance on Thursday THUNDER when he made a joking reference to the Oklahoma City bombing.

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