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Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray comprised one half of the street-fighting tag team from Harlem, the Harlem Heat. Along with his partner and brother, former T.V. Champ Booker T., they won the W.C.W. Tag Titles about four times, defeating such great teams as the Steiner Brothers and the Outsiders.

After taking some time off due to an injury in late 1997, Stevie Ray's brother Booker T. began to wrestle as a singles wrestler, winning the T.V. belt from the Disco Inferno, and Perry Saturn.

Stevie made his return in mid-1998, but seemed to be feuding with his brother, and longtime tag partner, obviously upset that he was succeeding so well without him.

After Bret Hart injured Booker T. at Bash At The Beach '98, Booker T. allowed Stevie Ray to defend the T.V. Belt for him, which Stevie lost to Chris Jericho on a recent NITRO.

Then, on the August 24th NITRO, Booker T. returned, and was scheduled to face Bret Hart for the United States belt, but this would not happen. Booker T. was jumped in the locker room and beaten, so Stevie Ray came out to the ring, and began to ask Bret Hart if he had anything to do with it, Hart denied involvement, and eventually, the entire black and white n.W.o. came out, and offered Stevie Ray a shirt, and to join n.W.o. Hollywood. Stevie accepted the shirt after little thought, Welcome to the n.W.o. Stevie!

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