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Real Name: Steve Borden
Birthday: March 20, 1959
Ring Debut: 1985
Current Status: Out of the NWO

Though Sting is no longer associated with the NWO, and was never really an 'official' member since he never declared his allegiance, Sting's brief affiliation with the NWO deserves mention...Sting was widely known as the "franchise" of WCW, and has held several championships in the NWA and WCW... these titles include the NWA World title, WCW World title(2), United States title(2), WCW World tag team title and NWA TV title... the number of times Sting held the WCW/NWA title is still disputed...Sting was the first wrestler to respond to the challenge of the "Outsider" Scott Hall, upon Hall's debut and challenge to WCW...the incident occured on a summer Monday Nitro broadcast, when Sting confronted Hall at the broadcast booth and slapped him...Sting was among the biggest challengers to the Outsiders and the NWO, and was on the side of WCW at the 1996 Bash at the Beach PPV when the Outsiders faced the WCW team of Sting, Lex Luger and Randy Savage...Sting was believed to have turned on WCW however, when a man resembling Sting emerged from a limo and attacked Luger on a Monday Nitro the 1996 Wargames PPV, Sting claimed he was not with the NWO, and the attacker was an imposter...Sting proved he was right when he attacked the NWO Sting and the New World Order during the Wargames match...on the following Nitro, Sting gave an interview in which he declared himself a "free agent," since he was bitter with WCW for turning its back on him...Sting would not be seen or heard from in months, as he was actually filming a movie with Jim Carrey ("Liar, Liar"...the scene with Sting would be cut from the film)...Sting later resurfaced in WCW, wearing all black with white face paint...immediately following his return, WCW announcers began speculating that he was indeed with the NWO...was seen sitting up in the rafters during several Nitros, and finally came to ringside when the NWO was in the ring...Sting said the NWO was "not in his price range," but the only thing one could be sure of was "nothing's for sure"...after that incident, Sting would utter nothing more on WCW TV for over a year...again appeared in the rafters, simply watching as events would unfold in WCW...Sting began attacking WCW wrestlers as they vocally expressed doubt and bitterness as to his integrity and allegiance to WCW...among those attacked were Jeff Jarrett, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Rick Steiner and others...Sting began performing a bizarre ritual-type act with several wrestlers, where he would shove the wrestler with a bat, then hand the bat to the wrestler. Sting would then turn his back to the wrestler, turn back around and walk these strange antics would continue for months, WCW announcers continued to speculate as to his allegiance with WCW or the NWO...Sting seemed to befriend Randy Savage, who returned to WCW months after his last appearance at Halloween Havoc. Savage finally left with Sting after Savage staged a long "sit-in," where he demanded to talk to an authority figure in WCW to no avail...Savage would appear with Sting in the rafters until Savage turned to the NWO at Superbrawl 1997...on a WCW Monday Nitro broadcast following that event, Sting again confronted the NWO but remained silent. He began staring at Hogan, only to have Hogan embrace him...this seemed to say Sting himself had finally joined the NWO, though he still said nothing...Sting would later appear with the NWO on two Nitros, the second of which had Eric Bischoff and Kevin Nash present him with an NWO shirt. As Sting did not take the shirt and simply stood silent, Nash draped the shirt over his shoulder...Sting finally took action and made his position known by attacking the NWO after a surprise appearance at the end of the 1997 Uncensored PPV...with his allegiance now clear, Sting had grown to become perhaps the biggest enemy and the greatest threat to the New World Order. Until June 1, 1998, in Washington D.C., The Same Place He Had Won The Title Months Before, He Pulled A Quick One On Hogan, Pretending To Be With The White And Black, ONLY TO JOIN THE WOLFPACK!

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