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Syxx (a.k.a. Syxx-pac)

Real Name: Sean Waltman
Birthday: July 13
Height/Weight: 6'2", 212
Finisher (in nWo): Buzzkiller
Though Sean Waltman (Syxx) is no longer a part of World Championship Wrestling, he will always be remembered as part of the foundation of the New World Order...Syxx joined the nWo upon his first appearance in WCW on a September 1996 Monday Nitro broadcast...wrestled formerly as the Lightning Kid in independents, and as the 1-2-3 Kid in the WWF... rose to prominence in that organization in the early nineties on an early Monday Night Raw program, where he upset Razor Ramon (Scott Hall, now in the NWO)...the event was significant since it was the first time in years that a "jobber" won a match against a major superstar, and the first time it happened on prime-time television...though the 1-2-3 Kid was pushed by the WWF for a short time, he began to flounder and was relegated to mid-card status...began competing in tag teams and won the WWF World Tag Team Championship on two occasions, once with Marty Janetty and again with Bob "Sparkplug" Holly...later turned heel and joined the Million Dollar Corporation after he was "bought off" by the team's manager, the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase...later briefly tagged with "Psycho" Sid to form the team "Sid and the Kid"...left WWF competition after suffering an assortment of injuries, after which he joined WCW and the NWO...took the name "Syxx" to represent the sixth member to join the NWO (also, six is the result of adding the letters 1,2 and 3)...feuded with Eddie Guerrero after Syxx took possession of the United States Championship, a title which Guerrero rightfully held at the time...lost a ladder match for the US title against Guerrero at the first NWO Souled Out...almost immediately following the loss, Syxx stole the WCW Cruiserweight belt from Dean Malenko...defeated Malenko for the Cruiserweight title at Superbrawl VII...became embroiled in a heated feud with Ric Flair after Syxx and the Outsiders taunted Flair and Roddy Piper for being about this time, Syxx, Hall and Nash began calling themselves the "Wolfpack"...after holding the Cruiserweight belt for several months, Syxx lost the title to Chris Jericho at WCW Saturday Nitro on 6/28/97...did not feud with Jericho following the loss (Jericho since lost the title himself), and placed his title aspirations on hold to continue teaming with fellow Wolfpack members Hall and Nash...substituted for the then-injured Kevin Nash in a tag team title defense on Monday Nitro against the Steiner Brothers, since WCW Commissioner Roddy Piper ordered that the titles be defended or stripped from the Outsiders, Hall and Nash...Syxx and Hall lost the match and the titles to the Steiners after interference from Larry Zbyszko...shortly afterwards, Syxx suffered a severe neck injury in late 1997 which put him out of action for several months...during his lengthy absence, the nWo repeatedly paid tribute to him, for nWo members often wore his "6-ball" t-shirts and mentioned him during interviews...ironically however, Syxx would never be seen on WCW TV again...Sean Waltman was fired by Eric Bischoff after an off-camera dispute between Bischoff, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, and after a brief bidding war he signed with the World Wrestling Federation...finally returned to television on the 3/30/98 broadcast of WWF Raw, and joined fellow "Kliq" member Hunter Hearst Helmsley as the newest member of DeGeneration-X...Waltman then verbally blasted Bischoff as well as Hulk Hogan, who'd commented the previous week that he "couldn't cut the mustard" with the nWo...despite the bitter ending of his WCW tenure, Syxx will always be respected by nWo fans for the wild personality and great athleticism he brought to the organization, and his induction into our nWo Hall of Fame shows that he will be greatly missed, and will always be "nWo for life". 

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