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Well before the matches started, James J Dyllon made an announcement about a few things first, The Kevin Greene, Goldberg tag match for the Bash is scrapped, Greene will meet the Giant in a singles match, and Goldberg will defend his World Title against Curt Henning, well good thing I wasn’t planning on ordering this BATB crap, Ill be damned if Ill pay 35 bucks to set through about 3 flock matches, a Ultimo Dragon-Yugi Nagata match, just to lead in to a Goldberg Vs Hennig match...ack After the first commercial, Schiavone is standing there with a mic, narrating video clips of the Hogan-Goldberg match (that was the third time they showed clips of it by the way). Meanwhile Hennig came out and said that he will not face Page in what was supposed to be the main event tonight, as he needs time to prepare for Sunday. FINALLY A MATCH!! TPE over Tokyo Magnum and some unspelled Japanese name, At least its nice to see tag-team wrestling in WCW again Ernest Miller over Villiano IV Interview with Eddie Guerrero Interview with DDP Juventud Guerrera over Judo Suwa Interview with Steve McMichael Konnan over Stevie Ray by DQ Raven and Horace over Saturn and Kanyon Steve McMichael over Rick Fuller Chris Jericho over The Ultimo Dragon Interview with Kevin Greene Page and Hennig never happened, Hennig got an injunction saying he did not have to fight as Page and Henning were playing off each other, Goldbergs music started, and Thunder ended So two hours later I did have my answer, Thank you WCW for ruining a perfect Wednesday Night, please keep your PPV previews restrained to half hour spots prior to the PPV, and refrain from presenting us with “two hours of live WCW action when you’re sitting on a 6 match card.

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