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Real Name: Michael Jones
Birthday: June 13
Finisher (as wrestler): Million Dollar Dream
Position: NWO Head of Security

Without a doubt, Vincent is viewed as the weakest member of the NWO and his actions since his NWO debut have supported this claim...the man now known as Vincent is perhaps best known in wrestling as Virgil, the former bodyguard of Ted DiBiase in the WWF...Virgil was given his name by WWF head Vince McMahon, as a cheap shot to former NWA booker Dusty Rhodes, whose real name is Virgil revenge, Virgil was renamed Vincent, or "Vince," after he signed with WCW...made his first appearance in the organization as he joined the NWO on a summer WCW Monday Nitro broadcast, after the NWO took over the broadcast booth for the first time... though Vincent was a wrestler for a brief time as Virgil in the WWF, he has had little role in the NWO other than as a bodyguard, though now known as NWO Head of Security...while Vincent's role in the NWO is gradually increasing, he has yet to accomplish anything very significant on his own and has done little to improve his reputation...Vincent began to be involved in angles beginning on a June 1997 Nitro broadcast, where Vincent interfered in a match between Harlem Heat and the Steiner Brothers on behalf of the Outsiders... was beaten up by the Heat the next day on a Monday Nitro broadcast...Vincent also began to accompany NWO members Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell to ringside for their matches...returned to the ring the next month as a wrestler on a WCW Saturday Night broadcast, where he defeated a jobber...weeks later on Monday Nitro Vincent was demolished in a match against Booker T., and was again beaten up...often received criticism from fans after his interference caused several NWO members to lose several matches...continued his managerial role, and also began to accompany Scott Steiner to ringside in addition to Bagwell and internal strife began surfacing in the NWO, Vincent declared his allegiance to Hollywood Hogan as Hogan began a war against Kevin Nash and his nWo Wolfpac faction...though not a powerful force on his own in the New World Order, Vincent's continues his presense in the NWO as a means to build its large numbers, and now to serve as a henchman for Hogan in the NWO war.

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